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Posted By: Caevin Introductions! - 03/11/09 05:39 PM
Well hello, I just happened upon this website by accident, so ah wells. It seems so, empty... So I'm just wondering, does anybody get on at all? If so, how about saying hello or whatevever else, I'll start it off!

Hello, nice to meet all you strangers!
Posted By: James C Re: Introductions! - 08/04/09 03:23 AM
Well, I made the forums, but did 0 advertising for it lol; I actually got quite busy with development tasks and didn't bother with updates and actually let one of my domains expire for the site itself.

Definitely looking for methods of advertising (word of mouth and otherwise).

If anyone is interested in volunteering with propogating content they'd be more than a welcome addition.
Posted By: Anonymous Re: Introductions! - 05/27/17 07:28 AM
Hi Caevin.
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